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Okay, let’s get started. The first step in your defense involves getting accurate legal information about the charges against you. You can do that right now with a free virtual consultation [ CLICK HERE ] with Robert Ramsey.

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Before we meet to plan the specifics of your defense, you should immediately take the following six steps to help your own defense:

DWI Attorney New Jersey Do not discuss the case with anyone! Anything you say can and will be used against you.
DUI Attorney Somerset New Jersery Check the bottom of your traffic tickets and/or criminal complaint to see if you have a first appearance court date scheduled within the next day or so. In most instances, we will be able to get that date canceled for you. Bring all tickets and any papers the police gave you to us.
DWI Lawyer New Jersey If you have been involved in an accident involving property damage or personal injury, call your insurance company immediately and report it. You have an affirmative duty to cooperate with your own insurance company.
DUI Lawyer Somerset County New Jersey Get the names and addresses of any eye-witnesses or other people who will be helpful in your defense. Bring this information to us during our first meeting.
Take photos of any damages to your vehicle and the accident scene. These will be extremely important later. Once again, bring this to us during our first meeting.
Do not worry about getting police reports or try to talk to the police. We will get all the reports, video and any other evidence in your case from the police and the prosecutor.

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Any criminal or traffic matter including: Drunk Driving and DUI, Leaving the Scene, Driving on the Revoked List, Traffic Accidents, Traffic Tickets, Possession Charges and Criminal Matters.

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